Silver-gray with lush groves of knotted olive trees, Messinia has a millennia-old tradition in the cultivation of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil. 

Land of olives.

The word “olive” inscribed on Linear B tablets and the giant olive oil storage jars unearthed from the site of Nestor’s palace in the Messinian town of Pylos testify to the importance of olive oil in the local economy as early as the Bronze Age.

Linear B
Ιdeograms for olive oil and olive tree


The olive


The olive oil


The olive tree

Today, Messinia is one of Greece’s leading olive oil producers accounting for 30% of annual domestic production. The region’s low-lying terrain with a flat plain and gently rolling hills, the reliable winter rains, warm summers and favorable breezes that stir up the soil render a full-bodied extra virgin olive oil known around the world for its great taste and high nutritional value.

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