ELMES Ελαιόλαδο Μεσσηνίας

Messinia. Land of olives.

Here, every olive grove resonates with stories from an age-old tradition. Our story spans four generations of a family driven by love for their land, devotion to time-honored values, and vision for the future.


Our Story

The beginning

It all starts back in 1900, when Constantinos Diakoumis began cultivating olive trees and built a traditional horse-drawn stone mill.

The next generations

The next generations followed in his footsteps and in 1988 his grandson Constantinos set up a modern mill in the village of Kynigos, Messinia. Founded on deep-rooted principles and staffed by people with knowledge and experience, the mill grew steadily and by 1997 evolved into an exemplary production and bottling facility redolent with the scents of Messinia’s countryside.


Today, we continue the story of our family by blending tradition with the latest advances in olive oil making and marketing. We deploy new, sustainable practices and adopt forward-looking strategies aiming to serve markets in Europe and beyond. Our vision goes hand in hand with our dedication, hard work, and love for the olive tree and its precious gifts which haven’t changed since the old days. These values, passed on from generation to generation, are both our roots and our future.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our family-owned groves are 100% organic and adhere to the principles of sustainable farming. During harvesting we only collect the best olives, those that ensure the prime quality and great taste of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil line.

From the Blog

Local Cuisine

Olive oil has always been the cornerstone of the Greek cuisine, especially in regions like Messinia with a long tradition in the cultivation of olive trees.

Benefits of OliveOil / Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil is valuable to our health and well-being. It is known for its beneficial and medicinal properties and has been used for centuries for nourishing body and skin, as well as a basic ingredient in medical treatments and folk remedies.

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